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She is matter, exploding forth with all matter,
in a big bang,
in an instant,
by a force no one can fathom.
She is spirit, and soul.
She is born, bouncing babbling baby,
bringing joy and happiness to mama.
She is Belle,
the apple of Papa’s eye.
She is beautiful.
She is lover,
starting fire and excitement in a young man’s heart.
She is wife, loyal and devoted.
She is womb, warm and nurturing,
giving new life.
She is artist, expressive and introspective,
making her mark on an imperfect world.
She is musician,
inspiring with song and dance.
She is gardener, with dirty hands,
hoing and digging in botanical bliss.

She is athlete,
working hard to make herself stronger.
She is teacher,
sharing her knowledge and wisdom.
She is friend, compassionate and kind,
caring for all who know her.
She is sick,
striving for life and struggling for breath.
She is liberator,
saying, “I need to set this bird free”.
She is love.
She is here, in all of us.
She is us.
We are her.


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Bet Garrison Mangum: 3/11/46 - 1/19/09
pottery studio pottery studio
Bet Mangum of Mangum Pottery bet
A couple of her teapots.
Some of her brushwork.
Her landscape series.
Bet's flower gardens at Turkey Knob
pottery studio pottery studio
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