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Shield Clock pottery clock Pottery Memphis Table pottery table
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Queen annimal table pottery table keyhole clock potery clock

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  • Big Clock in stock
  • Crossvault Table
  • Queen Annimal
  • Wall Pendulum Clock
  •  Bench or Table
  • Keyhole Clock
  • Shield Clock
  • Memphis Table
  • 5 foot Console Table
  • Bim Bam Clock
  • Hall Table
  • Clay Drawer
  • Stoneware and Walnut
  • 3 Tile Bench
  • Triangle Table
  • Weight Driven Clock
  • Face and Capitals
  • Coffee Table
  • Green Matte Console
  • Queen Mantle Clock
  • Memphis Grandfather
  • Square Diamond
  • Walnut Clock
  • Right Triangle Tables
  • Sourwood Clock
  • Memphis Clock
  • Lamp Sculpture
Rob Mangum has been making ceramic furniture since the year he and Beth first started the shop in Raleigh. Some of these pieces are in production and available. Others you can call or email about.
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Pottery Crossvault table pottery table Grandfather clock pottery clock
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Wall pendulum clock Garden bench pottery bench
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